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Hello and Welcome to our 3rd Grade class newsletter!

Listed below you will find information pertaining to our classroom and the many happenings within!

Welcome to Our Third Grade Thrilling Times the Newsletter for Mrs. Ladd's Classroom Week of June 6, 2011

This is the last Newsletter of the year- How sadL! I’ve enjoyed getting to know your child and watching him/her develop and grow. The children have come a long way this year! Please remember that there is still a lot of learning going on even with so little time left. It is important that your child is in school for these scheduled days.

End of the Year Party is Wednesday, June 15. Plan to be here and have a great time! Wear your bathing suits under your clothes, bring a towel, sunscreen, and your baseball mitt as we play America's Pastime, have a nice hotdog lunch, and partake in games of all kinds.

The monthly reading log is available on line. Please make sure all of March through May has been completed as it is part of their reading assessment! Also, make sure your child is reading 100 minutes each week and that the reading log is filled in after each reading session on the wiki. As long as the reading requirement is fulfilled, it does not matter if the 100 minutes is read in a couple of days or nightly. Remember, it needs to be able to fit into your family's weekly routine. At this point, your child should be filling out the date, book title, pages, and minutes read. Please remind your child to put this information on his reading log page.Should you need to contact me, I can be reached at: ml04bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us

MATH: We are finishing the final chapter this week. Next week we will be focusing on reviewing concepts .

SCIENCE: We’re working on light energy and moving to matter. Students will be tying up loose ends on projects that they have not yet completed as well.

SOCIAL STUDIES: In our final unit, students have studied our federal and state governments. This week, we will focus on the three branches of state government and our Core Democratic Values. The final Social Studies Test will be on Tuesday, June 14.

READING: Book Clubs- We are finishing our last Book Club on Thursday. Please make sure that your child has posted, filled out the bookmark and replied to the post for that meeting.

Skills & Strategies covered this week: Making Inferences, Characterization & support with evidence from text, Fact & Opinion, Non-fiction Reading Strategies, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Check

LANGUAGE ARTS/ WRITING: We are working on finishing up our research projects and then presenting them to the class. Also working on editing & revising work!

SPELLING: Last Spelling Unit this week- WTW, Test & Activities due Friday

Important Dates:
6/9 Moving Up Day
6/13 Flip Flop Day & Baldwin Library Visit

6/14 Government Test

6/15 Year-end Party
6/17 Last ½ day of School