The Beloved Dearly By:Doug Cooney
December 10th 201

Abby Hill

The main characters are... Ernie, Swimming pool, Dusty, Red and some more. Ernie is nice but sometimes selfish. He is always trying to make money. Swimming pool is a Tomboy. She refuses to wear dresses and loves baseball. Dusty is Ernie's neighbor and he is sometimes very weird. Red is Ernie's dad. He always is picking up Ernie from school because he is getting into a lot of trouble.

Settings...Most of the book takes place at the cemetery. It is a huge grassy field with a little club house for them to meet in.It also takes place at the park across the street from the cemetery. It has very old rusty swing sets that make noises when they swing. It also takes place at Ernie's house. It is a cozy regular house with a fuzzy couch and a T.V. There are other parts of the book that take place in Ernie's neighborhood.

Problem... There are 3 main problems in the book. 1.) There are too many pet funerals in the neighborhood. 2.) Swimming pool's brother, Rick, ran away from home. 3). Ernie's dog, Mr. Doggie, died.

Solution...1.) They could not do anything about the pet funerals. 2.) Swimming pool's brother came back to the house to get peanut butter and wash his dirty clothes. Swimming pool came to visit him a lot in his van. 3.) They had a big funeral for Mr. Doggie in the cemetery and said goodbye.

Fun Facts.. 1.) Swimming pool's real name was Suzanne. She got the nickname swimming pool from her brothers. When her mom was pregnant she told the boys that she was having a baby girl. The boys shouted, "We don't want a sister. We want a swimming pool!"

I would recommend this book to a friend because it was sad, funny, and had a lot of action. I think it told a good story about friends and family