Planning Sheet for Writing Your Trickster Tale

Story Title: The Exact Opposite
Author: Daisy Doll A.K.A Abby Hill
Character 1: Cutie (The Hedge Hog)
Name and Character Traits:Cutie is a loving animal. He is a baby hedgehog His body and is Brown and his Prickles are very dark brown. He has little feet and nose. His eyes are huge I mean huge! He talks in a squeaky voice he is shy and funny.He also has a little tail.

Character 2: Blake(The Black bear)
Name and Character Traits: Blake is a mean black bear.He is black with a black nose and dark green eyes. He Doesn't really care about anyone. He is a bully to all animals. He talks like a greaser and people think he is mean and selfish.

Charecter 3:Mrs.Hoppkins
(The Squeril)
Name of Person: Mrs.Hoppknis is a nice squirrel she cares about every one. She talks in a dramatic voice. She has a lite brown body,ears,legs,and tale. With dark blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds.

Setting:A school called...
Sleeping Bear Shores
Time: Michigan Spring 2011 (Last card marking)

Place:The class room of Blake and Cutie: A Room with a huge promithion board and white board. 26 Desks and chairs for all the children to sit on. Two book shelfs. A rocking chair and a bunch on pillows on the carpet. Mrs.Hoppkins desk is in the back of the room.A Computer cart and two desk tops.

Place:The mian Hallway...
The main hallway is with lots of lockers that Connects with the 3rd,4th, and fith grade pod. the bath rooms are on the left hand side of the hall way with the drinking fountens.The little cort yard with all the plants and trees.

Description (sights, smells, feeling)
What does the main character want?
Cutie Wants Blake to be nice to to all the animals at Sleeping Bear Shores. So every Body can get along
What is the problem?
Blake kept on being mean to Cutie so Blake got in troble.

Why can't the main character get what s/he wants?
Cutie wanted every body in Slepping Bear Shore to get along and be nice to each other.

Why does the trickster need to plan a trick?
To get every one to get along

Event 1
First, Mrs.Hopkins was teaching a lesson and Blake Was making fun of Cuties Prikles. It made Cutie mad mad as a Devil! And made him fell sad and lonely.

Event 2

Event 3
How is the problem solved?

How is the other character changed by the trickster's trick?

What happens after the trick?
What is the lesson that was learned?