Date:Feb.10th 2011

Title:The secret zoo secrets and shadows

Author: Bryan Chick

Pages: ?

Type of Response:I wonder?

Response:I wonder if the action scouts are going to have to solve another mystery on where another child is. And the gain think that the person\animal is in the secret zoo again. And if sasquatches are going to take over the secret zoo?

Date:Feb.14th 2011

Title:Judy Moody was in a mood

Author:Megan Mcdonld


Type of response:Vizulasatoin

Response:I could Picture Jaws (Judy vinous fly trap) eating the bugs and hamburger meat while Stink was finding more for it. Judy was feeding the bugs and gross raw hamburger meet to the fly trap. After that chapter Frank was bugging Judy about his Birthday party and if she was coming, And all frank was saying was whats in your back pack,Whats in your it smells like a dead skunk! Judy relayed none of your bees wacks! And i am steel wondering if Judy is going to Franks Birthday party!?!

Date:March 1st 2011

Title:Dork Diaries Tales from a not so popular party girl.

Author:Rachel Renee Russell


Type of response: I wonder?

Response:I wonder if Brendan is going to ask Niki to the Halloween Dance? I think he is because He was about to ask her in Biology Class but he Just asked her... "Where is this plug suposed to go? I think I would need it for later on." So Ninki just told him where to put it. Another resson why I think that Brendan is going to ask Niki to the Halloween dance is that because he told her she had beautiful drawing and hand whriting.

Abby Hill

Date:Week of 3/7/11

Title:´╗┐Diary of a wimpy kid Ugly truth

Author:Jeff Kinney

Pages: ?

Type of Response: How has the character change over time?

Response: Gregs uncle (Uncle Gary) got married for the fourth time! He always rushes the marradges to fast. Like the last time he got married it was only two weeks untell he proposed to her!! He is changeing over time really fast. I wonder if he could change again?

Date:Week of 3/14/11

Title: Ellie McDoodle



Type of Response:Impotence

Response:Ellie was moving to a new town. She missed her friends and family that live back there.I think this is important because she is going through a tough time because of her big move to a difernt town.

Date:Week of 5-2-11

Title: The kid who ran for president



Type of Response: What are the charecter traits feelings & actions? What was the authors purpose? Can you tell yet?

Response:The charecter in my story is Judson Moon a 12 year old boy. His feeling are confedent, strong,and a lot more. His actions are kind of dumb because he makes some bad wierd disisons about what he is going to do with running for a canident. His traits are sometimes dumb, nice, wierd, and funny. I think the authors purpose is to try anything you can do.

Date:Week of 5-23-11

Title:Time stops for no mouse

Type of responce:Determiming Importance

Responce:The thing that were important about this assingment was...

That nobody knows were Linka went. Hermux went to Linka's house to see if she was there. Hermux saw that every thing was messy and dirty he was really dirty. So hermux dialed 911! The people said that the issue wasn't worth for the police to come down. soon as Hermux hung up the phone there was a turnning on the doorknob. All the sudden Linka bestfriend came in. Hermux jumped in the plant. It is important that Hermux didn't get cought.